The Kitchener Rangers and the Waterloo Regional Police Service are proud of their partnership with the Waterloo Regional Police Services, otherwise known as "Blue C.R.E.W."

Cops and Rangers Educating Waterloo Region is a program that's unique to both hockey and policing.

This program will forward a strong partnership between both organizations that builds on each other's respective assets.

Every player on the Rangers roster has been matched up with a member of the Waterloo Regional Police Service. Teams will work collectively as youth educators and role models, guiding one another through the rewards and challenges of community stewardship, with the hope of building a long lasting camaraderie.

The Rangers and the Waterloo Regional Police both share common goals directed toward building a safe and healthy Waterloo Region.

The goal of the Blue C.R.E.W. is to help educate our community, particularly elementary school children, on such topics as leadership, respect, pride and teamwork.

What better way to present these skills to our community than through "Cops and Rangers"- two organizations that are built on these very foundations.

As this program grows you will notice the Blue C.R.E.W. at multiple community events such as school and hospital visits, safety events and more.