The following request policy has been developed as a way to create consistency and fairness to organizations that seek support. Priority is given to those located in Waterloo Region.

All monetary donation requests must be made in writing at least six weeks prior to the fundraising event. No telephone, fax or email requests will be accepted. If there is a publication deadline or a date by which the donation is needed, requests must be submitted in writing at least six weeks before this date.

In-kind requests can be made using the on-line application form that is attached below. Please remember to give a minimum of six weeks notice before your event date.

Before sending a request, please note that the Kitchener Rangers DO NOT accept items to be signed, provide items for personal collections/use, contribute to business awards incentive programs, donate to personal fundraisers or donate to organizations soliciting request on behalf of a third party.

In order to qualify for this request your event must fall under one or more of the following categories:

Charitable Organization
Educational Group
Community Group
Non-profit Organization

Due to the number of requests we receive, the Kitchener Rangers are only able to donate to an organization once during the OHL season. The Rangers' fiscal calendar runs from June 1st to May 31st.

The Kitchener Rangers will reply to all solicitation letters. Due to the high volume of requests the team receives, telephone inquiries regarding donation status are discouraged.

The Rangers look forward to serving our communities where our fans live, staff works and team plays. We wish all organizations the best of luck with their charitable endeavors and salute them for making a difference.

Please fill out the form below to request your donation.
You will know that your submission is successful when you are redirected to our THANK YOU page that states your request has been sent. If you do not see this page, you have not submitted the form correctly. Please see HOW TO SUBMIT CAPTCHA instructions below.

ALERT: We are experiencing temporary maintenance issues with our online forms at this time.  Please email your request, using the line titles below, to Treena Hennessey.

Please fill out the form below to request your donation. You must be requesting on behalf of your beneficiary. We do not accept third party requests. Please review guidelines above for more information. All fields must be completed.

How do I know if my request has been sent?
A. If you have entered all the information including a successful CAPTCHA entry, you will be redirected to our THANK YOU page. The THANK YOU page will state that your request has been sent. See image below showing what the THANK YOU page looks like.

Enter the words you see in the CAPTCHA box, in order. Doing so helps prevent automated programs from abusing this service and prevents from receiving unwanted spam.

If you are not sure what the words are, either enter your best guess or click the reload button next to the distorted words AND TRY AGAIN. REMEMBER: You have not made a successful submission until you see the THANK YOU page.

Visually impaired users can click the audio button to hear a set of words that can be entered instead of the visual challenge.

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